AirBnB Property Management, AirBnB Hosting And Full Service Short Term Property Managers

Providing AirBnB management services in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Los Angeles 



AirBnB Management Services and AirBnB Hosting

Calgary AirBnB management company

We offer comprehensive AirBnB management services and AirBnB Hosting. Taking care of every step of the process for you, so that you can generate above market returns effortlessly.

We run each property like a boutique hotel, where we are your business partners, striving towards success on your behalf.

We offer a bundle of AirBnB services in the short term property management space. Our services are offered under two delivery models giving you the flexibility to choose a fixed payout partnership, or a dynamic payout.

Pricing Packages

Edmonton AirBnB management company

We offer 3 pricing plans and packages for your rental property.

Everyone's AirBnB Hosting needs are different, and we understand that. With three levels of service, you can customize the plan that is right for your property. We are an extremely innovative Calgary AirBnB management company that is constantly looking for ways to manage our clients AirBnB rentals better for them.

We strive to offer competitive and innovative Edmonton AirBnB Management and Calgary AirBnB management Pricing models, as well as in Toronto and Los Angelos   

Investment Consulting

Toronto AirBnB management company

This is a service for those evaluating a new investment opportunity or exploring turning their current home into a short term rental business. This service provides counselling and local guidance on pricing expectations, return on your investment, calendar expectations, Canadian and American tax, insurance needs and liability protection, damage protection, design and remodel strategies, decor and furniture plans for maximum bookings and earnings, as well as advertising and marketing. Having someone to manage your AirBnB for you is one part of success. The second part is buying the right property to AirBnB.

Short Term Rentals Can Earn Up to 30% More Than Traditional Rentals

3BNB will leverage our time, experience, and staff to manage your AirBnB for you. We are Calgary's largest AirBnB Management company

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Over the years, AirBnB has grown to to be a popular, and more lucrative option for investors and Landlords, who want to earn more money then from conventional rent. With an experienced and correct Calgary Airbnb Host and AirbBnB Co Host, your risk and headache is virtually eliminated. 3BNB helps short term and holiday rental hosts to maximize their earning potential and minimize their workload. We work with over 50+ AirBnB hosts and clients in various cities like Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto

Our short term rental host offering is unique and forward thinking. We take property management and cleaning services to the next level. 

Do not struggle making costly short term rental property management mistakes. Our Airnbb host services and short term rental property management team is the perfect addition to your property team. 


I was having trouble making a positive return on my Calgary rental property using a long term rental strategy, so we tried AirBnB. The income was much better and 3BNB manages the whole thing for us making it stressfree!
3BNB was able to optimize my AirBnB listing and increase my bookings within two weeks. AirBnB Hosting at its finest
Our home was in even better shape when we returned from two months overseas than when we left it for 3BNB to manage. They will treat your home like it is their own